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Fully trained

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Depending on the dog and the training program, FRS Working Dogs uses several tailor-made training systems with the aim of the same result for every dog. Depending on the specific program, the training duration is approximately 4 months.

FRS Working Dogs supplies dogs according to three qualifications:

GREEN dogs: a dog that has everything it takes to handle the training and the intended objective, may be tested for this and the customer will further train the dog.

SEMI TRAINED: these are dogs that have already been trained on a good basis so that further training will be very easy and fast. Most of them are ready, but they still need to gain a little more hands-on experience before they can actually start working.

FULLY TRAINED: 100% trained according to your wishes.


Varieties we work with:

The Malinois is the well-known working dog that excels in all disciplines. These dogs have been bred and crossed for work drive and health for over 100 years.

The German Shepherd is also a very good working dog from the working lines. Just a bit more relaxed and stable than a Malinois and with just that little bit more size and appearance.

There is also a lot of crossbreeding between both breeds to combine the best of the two. The build and stability of the German Shepherd and the drive and speed of the Malinois.

The Labrador Retriever: the ideal dog to work between people at airports and schools. This breed is also very good in warm areas. (Only for single purpose).

The German Pointer: a dog with a lot of drive and a great nose with the friendly appearance of, for example, the Labrador.

If you have a special request regarding variety, we can discuss the possibilities.

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Narcotics & Explosives

These dogs are trained to detect the smell of different types of drugs or explosives.

In the case of drug dogs, also called Narcotic Detection Dogs (NDD), we can make a difference in an active report in which the dog scratches its paws and possibly bark when it has found drugs or a passive report in which the dog 'stiffens' and with his nose points to where the drugs are. The dog has also learned to sit or lie down. This is according to the wishes of the customer and the workplace and circumstances in which the dog has to work.

Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDs) are always trained to passively report for the safety of you and your dog.

If something has a smell and there is a sample of it, the dog can be trained on that. If you have a special request, a lot is possible. Consider, for example, larger sums of money and food (airport). Dogs are also widely used for pest control and controls on bed bugs, for example, and are very effective.

Our dogs are trained on the following basic substances:

Drugs: Marijuana (only on request, now some cities legalized it), Heroin, Cocaine, MDMA (XTC) Amphetamine, Ketamine.

Explosives: Black Powder, TNT, PETN, HMTD, T.RDX, RDX, EGDN, TATP, Ammonium nitrate, Nitroglycerin, Semtex, Taggants.

Fully trained detection dogs are ready to get to work with their new owners quickly. These dogs master all substances, work very independently and are offered in combination with a 3 day Hand Over. In addition, there is always the possibility to take additional courses. Please take a look at the courses we offer.

There is also the possibility to buy the dogs semi-trained. Semi-trained means that the dog already has a good basis: he knows how to report a substance (sitting and staring) and he knows how to search various basic objects (car, suitcases, cupboards, boxes). These dogs still need to be trained further and gain more experience and we can offer them for a very attractive price.

Do you want a dog that has all the qualities to become a super detection dog, but do you want to do the entire training yourself? That is also possible and there is the possibility to buy the dog 'green'. You can always make a selection from enough dogs and find the best match.

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Duals / Police dogs

'Dual' stands for a dog that can search (detection) but that can also be used for biting and defense work.

Duals come in 3 levels: Fully Trained, Semi Trained and Green.


A fully trained FRS Working Dogs Dual Dog is prepared to do its job in all situations. For biting, therefore, it applies to a full suit but also to a citizen/ hidden sleeve, and with many practical situations and threats.

For the detection, the dogs are taught to search very concentrated and to report very tightly with an extreme focus on the object. Here, too, we regularly look for practice and distractions such as shopping centers, train stations, cargo areas, etc.

Our fully trained Duals are extended as standard with the discipline Obedience and if desired we also add Tracking.

By combining these 4 disciplines (Detection, Patrol, Obedience, Tracking) we create a real all-rounder that is prepared to be deployed in all police work. And we can no longer speak of a 'Dual'.

In case of serious interest, the wishes and activities of the dog and handler will be discussed in a personal conversation, from which a plan and quotation will be drawn up.

If you decide to buy a dog, the dog will be fully trained according to your wishes after confirmation. Think of personal preferences such as: narcotics or explosives, whether or not marijuana, large or small quantities, extra attention for cars, for example, or rather cargo.

Your wishes are also taken into account in the other disciplines; for example, do you want the dog to be alert and vigilant in the car, ready to immediately bite an intruder or do you prefer a dog that is calm as long as nothing is wrong?

Of course we will keep you informed of the dog's progress and we will send you videos regularly.

Duals Semi trained

Dogs that have mastered the basics of Obedience, Detection and Patrol but still need to be trained according to the customer's wishes. These dogs don't know scents yet, but they do know the basics of referring to the boxes with kong.

Duals Green

Dogs who have mastered all the traits to become a good Dual but have not yet been trained. These dogs love a ball or kong, know how to look for it but don't know a reference yet. There is also no obedient for these dogs. The dogs bite on a sleeve, have a remote attack and can handle threat.

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Special Forces Dogs

Special Operations

These are dogs that are trained for heavy and specialist work. Dogs that have a very high level of Obedience, are social enough to work in a team but literally and figuratively go through fire on command. These are the dogs that are only used in the event of a high threat, such as arrests of terrorists and firearms dangerous criminals.

Training programs for these dogs in consultation according to the wishes of the customer. Possibilities are combined with Explosives for booby traps, for example, combined with laser training, combined with camera and remote controlled training via a transmitter.


These dogs can handle the highest level of resilience, both physically and mentally. They are the elite dogs that are only used in large risk operations. These dogs need to be very strong at work but sociable and stable enough to work well in a team under extreme conditions.


Patrol dogs are dogs that are trained to defend their owners, to deter attackers and to be alert to suspicious situations. These are strong and confident dogs and are under excellent obedience and are often used in security work while patrolling. These dogs are also good to use for anti-riot situations and as personal protection dogs.

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Tracking Dogs

Tracking dogs are trained to track human odor and soil disturbance.

A robbery has been committed and the suspect has fled on foot or after a chase someone flees from a car into the woods, or a prisoner has escaped...

These are just a few examples where these dogs can pick up and work out the suspect's trail. Tracking is often trained as an extra option on the dual dogs. When the suspect is found, the dog can be used to stop the suspect.

We train our tracking dogs in different situations and on different surfaces. In practice, it will often concern forest areas and meadows, but hard surface tracking is also possible. We train practically and obstacles will not be avoided during training. For example, the dog will learn to climb over garden fences, he will be able to jump over ditches and also climbing stairs and door entry at an apartment complex are options.

Anti Poaching

These dogs are specially trained to detect and monitor both human odor and soil disturbance in densely wooded areas (jungle). Poachers are armed and often do not shy away from violence, so these dogs are also taught to attack directly when finding people.

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These dogs are willing to give their lives to protect you and are always around their owners, alert to suspicious situations.

They are trained in an intensive program where they learn the following points:

  • Perfect listening, control and obedience is very important with these dogs both on a leash and off the shelf and both indoors and outdoors. These dogs can always go with you wherever you go, in the car, to a shopping center, to a meeting, on the plane etc.
  • Switch; these dogs are real family companions for the whole family but on command these dogs switch and she is perfectly taught how to scare someone and if that does not work enough they can also attack someone.
  • Most important of all is not being able to switch from calm to action and biting etc. but especially after the action being able to switch back to rest and despite the high drives and self-confidence still remain super social towards his owners. That's what makes these dogs so special and exclusive.
  • In addition to being able to switch on command, these dogs are also taught to assess situations without command and to act accordingly. For example, if you are suddenly attacked, you may not have the chance to give the dog commands, but the dog will immediately intervene and defend you.

If you are considering purchasing a protection dog, you will be faced with many questions: What is he capable of? How do I let him do that for me? What am I allowed to do, what not, etc. It is therefore important that not only the dog follows an intensive training, but the owner too. In the basic course you will not only get answers to your questions, but you will also learn how to deal with threatening situations yourself and how you can use and deploy the dog. After the basic course and purchase of the dog, it does not stop for us. Dogs are very smart and willing to work, but that also means that they quickly adopt new and different behavior in new situations and with insufficient training, the dogs will function less and less for the purpose for which they were purchased. We therefore recommend that you take out a service contract and thus maintain the training of both dog and owner. We can provide these training sessions at your location, so that the dog and the owner are really trained and guided in possible 'real scenarios' every day.

Are you interested in a family protection dog but do you already have a dog? Our dogs learn to have a social and stable attitude towards other dogs, but perhaps your own dog already is a true guardian angel and it is possible to train him / her and purchasing a protection dog is not necessary. After a few sessions I can tell you if your dog is suitable. If this is not the case, it is advisable to teach your dog basic obedience so that there is control and the joining of a possible second dog / protection dog will go much easier and smoother.

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Hand Over

The fully trained dogs are offered as standard with a 3-day Hand Over where the new handler is guided by the dog's trainer how to handle the dog and whereby all facets in which the dog is trained are gone through together.


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If desired, you can 'walk along' with a professional FRS Working Dog trainer non-stop for a number of weeks and you will receive insight and extensive explanation in all disciplines and daily activities as a trainer. Courses and training can be given in consultation at our training center in the Netherlands or at your location.


In this 2-week course you will be taught the basics to work with a dog. The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. Parts that are discussed include: reading the dog's behavior, leash control, safe working, body language, position, rewarding, correcting, dog health, dog care. At the end of the course, an exam is taken and the student receives a signed certificate.


Here we go deeper into the material and challenge you in practice-oriented training courses to apply everything correctly. The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The training courses are tailored to the disciplines in which the handler and his dog will work. Additional points are: working in practical situations, dealing with the dog's urges, dosing and controlling the dog's energy. At the end of the course, an exam is taken and the student receives a signed certificate.


This course is for the trainers who have to keep the training and the level of the dogs and handlers up to standard and thus guarantee the quality. Working as a handler with a trained dog is clever, but where work is done, mistakes are made and no matter how well intended, every organization has to deal with problems that creep into the daily work of the dog and his handler. This course covers many points in the field of problem solving. Problems you encounter in your organization are discussed in detail and you are guided and advised. We hereby offer you a concept that has already proven itself. Further points are making training records, making a training plan and we will teach you how to implement your training plan correctly. Here too an exam and a certificate will follow.


With a working dog kennel, good kennel management is very important. We ask a lot from our dogs and this is only possible if the dogs are in good health and can work well rested. Energy management and control, correct kennel layout, correct daily schedule, care, quickly recognizing disease symptoms, disinfecting, being able to read behavior, how to act in case of abnormalities. Together we will draw up a protocol that works well-organized and practical for everyone.


As a responsible veterinarian for a working dog kennel, you will encounter many things that you will hardly ever have to deal with considering domestic dogs. In addition, it is of course important to get sick dogs better and back to work as soon as possible. Our special instructor has a lot of experience in this area and will provide you with all tips and tricks. As the person responsible for a kennel full of dogs, you should act with the entire kennel in mind and not just one dog as an individual. Think of diseases such as kennel cough. Supervising and directing the care team, contact with the handlers and carers, quickly recognizing deviations and acting accordingly, will also prevent many things. Furthermore, (locally) occurring diseases and symptoms are discussed, a treatment plan, medicines, antibiotics, condition determination and recognition of abnormal behavior.


In this course you get the opportunity to walk non-stop with an employee of FRS Working Dogs during his or her work. All parts are covered. In all training disciplines obedience, biting, narcotics, explosives, tracking and swat you will be introduced and deployed as a trainer/assistant. There is a lot of room for questions and explanations and you are directly on top of everything. You will also receive an explanation regarding the purchase and testing of dogs. Furthermore, all aspects are discussed: care, kennel management, energy control, condition determination, recognizing abnormalities, behavior and symptoms of disease. This course is largely practice-oriented, but where necessary there will also be room to deal with theoretical matters. A certificate will be awarded at the end of the course.

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You would like your own dog to be trained...


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All too often, people unfortunately run into problems in the education and obedience of their dogs. At dog schools your dog will often learn the basics like 'sit', 'down', 'stay', 'here' and 'follow'. But if natural instincts and distraction are involved such as hunting instinct or playing and or dominance of other dogs, your dog often does not have time for that cookie, the clicker or other reward and you lose control. You also often see that the dog only works for that biscuit immediately and if there is no food or immediate reward, obedience declines.

We also work with rewards and also use the clicker, however with a concept that is clearer to the dog and where more discipline and control is transferred to the dog, even when there is distraction and instinct.

Would you like to know more about this? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.