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FRS Security Group is a dynamic company specialized in security in the broadest sense; dog surveillance, detection services (narcotics & explosives dogs), event security, camera systems and logistics services.

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As part of the FRS Security Group, FRS Working Dogs forms the basis of the selection, custom training and delivery of excellent dogs for detection, protection and security, among other things.

We do this very responsibly with a high degree of commitment and with personal attention for both dog and client.

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Because our approach is less large-scale, we can handle our dogs:

  • More personal and intensive training in which the training is adapted to the type of dog and the individual character of the dog;
  • In addition to the training also just let them be ‘dog’ and learn to behave well / socially during walks, play with each other, etc. This way they become stable dogs that are nicely balanced; without stress and disturbed behavior that is often confused with drive. Our dogs are mentally very easy to reach and burden, very passionate about work and comfortable in the kennel and handling;
  • Excellent socialization and familiarization with everyday life; traffic, people, other dogs, in the car, etc. Actually no more than normal, but unfortunately this is often lacking in dogs from larger suppliers;
  • Practice-oriented training with long-term searches and distractions, but dosed and with total control of the urges.

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Ramon Guerain

'If you want to be the best, you don't have to be the biggest'

'As a child I loved dogs and when I was 11 I got my first dog; golden retriever Barney. When I had to choose an education after school, I preferred to work with dogs and specifically training. Through an internship I joined a specialized company in the training of different types of service dogs and followed their training program. My commitment and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed and I soon became a member of the KNPV dog sport. Here I learned protection work which I thought was fantastic and I have been able to do my further internships with police dogs with great dedication.

I was now 18 and started as a dog handler at the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Here I got my first service dog; 'Carlos'. However, Carlos was not the easiest and the training and mandatory certification was a long and difficult road but in the end it worked out fine and I really had a topper and nice service dog from him. Now I have trained many dogs, but I think that for every dog handler his or her first dog is and always will be very special.

Central to my approach is: make sure that positive and negative are always in balance, be creative and think carefully about the training, keep faith in both yourself and the dog and do not give up, and above all enjoy the bond and cooperation with your dog.'